Movable Electric Glass

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Transform your open spaces, terrace, conservatory and balconies into sound and heat-proofed interiors with a single button

Movable glass products are specially produced according to our own projects in our factories in Saudi Arabia, which is a glass system It is useful and can be used in many fields.

Movable Electric Glass

the motor of movable glass that we use at Alkhayyal Corporation is one of the latest automatic window system developed recently, which is the working pattern automation system for this glass unit.

In this system, the windows move in the triangular side rail channels perpendicularly, the upper and lower movement of the windows is ensured by the imported Zentax belt, suspension rings and the drive.
With this reinforced motion system, the relative motion ability of the glass has been given, in fact, the most important point of this glass system is the fixed glass in the first row of the system

Where is movable electric glass used?

Movable glazing system has many uses, generally in balconies known as French balconies, cafes and restaurants, room dividers, rooftop terraces and smart home systems.

Apart from these places, if you seek support from the experienced staff of our company Al-Khayyal corporation, you can access the project option for whatever you want. We are available anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Video about one of our projects:

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