Aluminum doors and windows

Why to use aluminum doors and windows

Although different raw materials are used in doors and windows, it must be said that the high performance achieved with aluminum doors and windows was not out of the blue, in fact, the quality of aluminum products has become incomparable, an option that has spread widely in Saudi Arabia Via Alkhayyal corporation, a choice you feel every day, You can find many options and designs of doors and windows which suit your demands in your house and workplace to offer you as much comfort as possible.

Advantages of aluminum doors and windows

Aluminum door and window systems have different advantages, these advantages are generally formed as follows:

1. Long-lasting aluminum doors and windows

Aluminum is a material highly resistant to extreme weather conditions and corrosion. For this reason, it is possible to protect against various harsh weather conditions and corrosion by using aluminum in door and window systems, in addition, the life of aluminum door and aluminum window is known to be about 40 years.

2. Retains its properties at high temperatures

  Aluminum doors and windows have a structure that can maintain its          mechanical properties at very low or very high temperatures, that is why it is widely used in places with wide frame and high frame intervals.

3. It can be produced with accurate scales

It is possible to produce aluminum window and door systems in various sizes since it has a durable and light structure as well as sensitivity, it can be applied in custom sizes and designs.

4. Air outlet is blocked

Aluminum doors and windows prevent cold and hot air from outside from entering the house and workplaces, in this way, aluminum systems that prevent or reduce the temperature inside are very useful.

High quality Alumetal systems from AlKhayyal Corporation

If you want to renew your windows and doors or if you are looking for doors and windows for your new home, you are at the right address, if you want to get detailed information about aluminum systems and get these products, contact us, we at Al-khayyal Corporation offer you the best Aluminum doors and windows of high quality and reliability.

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