Aluminum Electric pergolas

aluminum pergolas design

Our aluminum sliding roof system is designed in Al-Khayyal corporation to suit all types of open spaces and works to provide the highest degree of visual and thermal comfort for the space you exploit, whether it is in your home or workplace, our product can be used easily in summer, winter, spring and autumn we take care of High quality .
We would like to help our customers in Saudi Arabia according to all kinds of needs by increasing the coverage of our automatic system for all your comfort needs.

Lighting in aluminum pergolas

In our Al-Khayyal corporation aluminum pergolas, we offer optional adaptive HDD LED with aluminum sunscreen panels, LINE LED strip lit from the inside, and concealed SOFT LED lighting options, LINE LED strips surrounding the system create a comfortable environment by illuminating the area used from INDOOR Even when you are inside, with the RGB feature in the hidden SOFT LED lighting, we can change between yellow, white and red, thus, a luxurious and elegant use is presented, in addition, thanks to the dimming option, the intensity of the light can be adjusted to the level you want

Where can I use aluminum pergolas from Al-Khayyal corporation

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Close your pool
  • Recreational areas
  • Home garden
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Balconies

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